Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Safia & Andrew Barr, KinderKampus Owners

At KinderKampus, education means the development of the whole child – cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically. Education prepares children to live and function in society and to reach their goals using their full potential.

We believe in structured programs that encourage exploration and participation while focusing on learning. There should be flexibility within this program to allow a variety of learning styles.  By combining learning with fun, we challenge the children and stimulate their interests to promote development.

KinderKampus plans age-appropriate activities where children become active participants in the learning process such as music, arts and crafts, circle time, workbooks, phonics lessons, and dramatic play. Our Programs includes information on the daily activities at KinderKampus for each age group.

As children grow from infancy, our programs specialize in early learning and literacy development, and offer the following elements:

  • All-natural, creative play environment
  • Access to computers with early childhood education software
  • Fun Family Phonics: an interactive and fun method for children to learn the alphabet, phonetic sounds, word formation, and spelling
  • Workbooks that develop reading, writing, and math skills
  • Special teachers for instruction in Music & Movement and French

Our Before & After School Care program provides a complement to the structured education in elementary school, by providing time to relax, express themselves, make new friends, participate in fun activities, exercise their bodies and catch up on their homework.

Arts & crafts activities are planned on a daily basis to encourage creativity (not just the end result) and develop small motor skills. In addition to the scheduled arts and crafts, children typically work on free choice art projects throughout the day.

We schedule a quiet reading/nap time for the young children after lunch. This allows children time to sort out feelings, to think, to dream, to read quietly, or to just relax their bodies.

Field trips are planned throughout the year to allow the children to relate to and experience what they are learning.

We try to foster autonomy, independence, co-operation and self-help skills through play and group interaction. We believe play has a big part in the learning process. It is a time where children are developing their own interests and where friendships with peers are being formed. Children are learning concepts, developing physical skills, mastering life situations, and practicing language. They are being challenged and taking risks.  Throughout all of this development, they are having fun!

We believe ‘hands-on’ is the best way for children to learn.  The materials provided in the classroom will help build an interest in subjects they will encounter in later years–and provide a true “head start to learning”!

Safia Barr – Early Childhood Educator, Infant-Toddler Educator

Director of Kinder Kampus