Kinder Kampus is managed by Safia and Andrew Barr.  Safia, as Director, is responsible for all operational aspects of Kinder Kampus facilities, while Andrew, as President, is responsible for administration of the company.

Safia is a certified Early Childhood Educator with over twenty five years of experience.  She graduated from Canadian Mothercraft College, Toronto in 1987 and now holds British Columbia certificates as an Early Childhood Educator (E.C.E.), and Infant Toddler Educator (I.T.E.).
Safia has been developing her early childhood education and management skills since graduation by working as a pre-school teacher, a pre-school supervisor, and a day care centre director in Richmond, Vancouver, Maple Ridge, and the Tri-Cities.

Safia works closely with her aunt in Ontario who operates three Kinder Kampus facilities with services for about 200 children.