A head start to learning!

A child’s rapidly expanding skills and sense of awareness open up a whole new way of interacting with his or her world and the people in it. During the early childhood years, a child’s knowledge about the physical environment increases enormously, and as the child matures, his or her natural motivation is to become more independent and grown up.

Kinder Kampus will provide a fertile environment for your child’s growth during this critical stage in their lives. Cognitive, social, emotional and physical development is emphasized at all stages, to build a foundation and to help set the children on a path of success for the rest of their lives.

Our programs are developed and delivered by trained Early Childhood Educators. Our curriculum challenges and stimulates each child to maximize his or her experience at Kinder Kampus. Children have opportunities to explore, satisfy their curiosity, learn, and express their creativity – all in a safe and caring environment nurtured by experienced childcare professionals.

We believe that when learning is fun, stimulating and challenging, we do more than simply nourish growing minds – we inspire a lifelong love of learning. That’s why, at Kinder Kampus, we always put learning first. It’s more than our philosophy. It’s our passion.

With programs that challenge, motivate and reward we are helping build self-esteem and confidence–not to mention smiles, giggles and laughter!