Our Daycare program (ages 2.5 to Kindergarten) provides all day care with an enriched preschool curriculum for children in working families. This program is offered at our Kinder KampusOld Orchard, Heritage Mountain and Eagle Mountain Middle School locations.

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Programming includes the special elements of preschool workbooks to develop reading, writing, and math skills, special teachers for instruction in French and Music, a phonics program.  These special elements are in addition to more typical preschool elements such as arts and crafts, circle time, outdoor play and classroom activities.

Theme-based weekly programs are planned and posted on the noticeboard for parents to review, and include the following activities:

  • Developmental Workbooks for PreSchool Skills
  • Special Teachers for Music and/or French
  • Academics – (Early Math, Phonics)
  • Pre-Reading and Pre-Writing Skills
  • Numbers, Counting, and other Pre-Math Skills
  • Group Lessons – Sounding of Letters, Flashcards and Visual Aids
  • Science Concepts
  • Drawing, Colouring, Painting, Crafts
  • Social Skills Development, Getting Along with Peers
  • Dramatic Play
  • Field Trips
  • Planned Listening Experiences
  • Music and Songs
  • Resting and Storytelling
  • Nutrition
  • Health and safety
  • Love of Parents, Home, Country, People
  • Outdoor and Indoor Play
  • Games