Infant & Toddler

In addition to nurturing and catering to the needs of young children (ages 12 – 36 months), our infant-toddler program focuses on healthy development, socialization, emotional security, and the learning of new skills.

The environment is set up to foster all aspects of the infant’s developmental stages.  Feeding, diapering and sleeping compose much of the infant’s day. The infant’s sense of emotional security is enhanced by the nurturing, loving adults who care for the child. The caregivers encourage the appropriate physical skills for the child’s age. The beginning of socialization occurs in this room, when the child notices the  other children. Language development is enriched by teachers who speak frequently to the child and read to him/her each day.

Our toddler program introduces the children to a more structured day with lots of exciting and challenging activities through a theme-based program. As children begin to talk, walk, and explore, we provide an environment that encourages language skills, builds confidence and self-esteem, and gives opportunities to develop social skills.

Our toddler program includes the special elements of developmental workbooks for reading, writing, and math skills, and phonics. These special elements are in addition to more typical early childhood elements such as arts and crafts, circle time, outdoor play and classroom activities.

A music and movement program introduces the children to sounds, rhythms, and movement in a stimulating activity.

Our facility has been specially-designed to provide an all-natural environment that will enhance the educational process, while continuing to provide safe, warm and loving surroundings for children.

Our Infant-Toddler program is offered at our Kinder Kampus – Heritage Mountain and Eagle Mountain Middle School locations.